RiskIQ 2017 Black Friday e-Commerce Blacklist

Last year, consumers spent $9.36 billion online over the four-day Black Friday weekend, of which $1.2 billion was driven by mobile shopping—and with that number expected to grow this year, threat actors are looking to take advantage.

To analyze the methods threat actors will employ this shopping season and where they’re targeting their malicious efforts, RiskIQ ran a keyword query of our Global Blacklist and mobile app database. In the app space, we looked for instances of the brand names of five of the leading e-tailers in the United States used in malicious and fraudulent mobile apps. In our Global blacklist, we searched for instances of each brand name appearing alongside the term “Black Friday” in the malicious URL or cause page URL.

The results show that Black Friday is a feast for threat actors.

Report findings include:

  • The total amount of blacklisted mobile apps for the leading five retailers
  • The total amount of malicious Black Friday-themed mobile apps, and the percentage that is blacklisted
  • The combined total of blacklisted URLs that contain the branded terms of the top five retail brands leading in e-commerce, as well as “Black Friday,” which are linked to spam, malware, or phishing

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