The Anatomy of an Attack Surface

Five Ways Hackers are Cashing In

To keep up with the breakneck speed of modern business, organizations are moving customer and partner interactions online. As a result, today’s organizations appear as a mass of digital assets that are discoverable to hackers as they perform their reconnaissance. To show what organizations look like from an attacker’s perspective, RiskIQ queried our massive repository of internet data to map the global attack surface.

In this data-driven report, we explore five different approaches hackers take to target businesses via the internet by capitalizing on the corporate perimeter becoming less distinct, and show why security teams are now responsible not only for what’s on their network but also what’s across the entire expanse of the open internet.

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  1. The Global Attack Surface is much bigger than you think
  2. Sometimes hackers know more about your attack surface than you do
  3. The hidden attack surface: Hackers don’t have to compromise your assets to attack your organization or your customers
  4. The mobile attack surface: You have much more to worry about than just the Apple and Google Play mobile app stores
  5. Cryptocurrency Miners are the latest attack surface compromise

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