Appsession: Is our Appetite for Mobile Apps Putting us at Risk?

Get the latest data on risky behavior on mobile devices from this RiskIQ Mobile Consumer Report.

With so much of our personal information now flowing through mobile applications, has our security awareness kept pace? Have consumers adopted best practice behaviors or are they leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber attack?

mobile app download statisticchart of mobile app downloads on devicesTo better understand consumer behavior, RiskIQ commissioned Ginger Comms to survey 1,000 US and 1,000 UK consumers aged 16 to 60+, specifically focusing on smartphone apps.
The survey was conducted during February and March 2017.

The top line results show that over half of all respondents regularly display behaviors that put themselves at risk. Download the report to find out:

  • The percentage of users that click on ads promoting apps
  • The percentage of users that click on links in emails, mobile web, and social media promoting apps
  • The percentage of users that rarely or never inspect the T&C’s or permissions being requested during app installation
  • The percentage of users that reuse passwords across mobile apps

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