MEWKit: Cryptotheft’s Newest Weapon

Ethereum-Phishing ATS Highlights Dangers of Cryptocurrency Landscape

RiskIQ researchers have discovered and profiled a new phishing automated transfer system (ATS) dubbed MEWKit, which phishes users of the Ethereum exchange MyEtherWallet and steal funds directly from victims’ wallets.

Proven by RiskIQ researchers to be complicit in the infamous April 24, 2018, hijack of Amazon route 53, MEWKit is much more than just a phishing kit and represents a significant shift in the cyber threat landscape—especially as it relates to cryptocurrency.

For highlights of how this attack affects the safety of cryptocurrency and the internet itself, download “10 Things You Should Know About MEWKit here.

Download the full report for:

  • A full breakdown and analysis of the MEWKit ATS
  • MEWKIT’s role in the hijack of Amazon DNS servers
  • All IOCs related to MEWKit attacks
  • How MyEtherWallet isn’t the only Cryptocurrency exchange at risk

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