Accountor Continuously Monitors Their Expanding Attack Surface with RiskIQ

About Accountor

Accountor is the largest financial management and payroll processing services organization in the Nordics, headquartered in Finland and operating in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine. Their mission is to help customers realize the possibilities of modern technology and digitalization in their everyday work through innovative software and services.


The Accountor Group has expanded significantly in recent years through organic growth and a number of strategic mergers and acquisitions. This growth has driven an increased digital presence on the Internet, creating a challenge for the security team tasked with identifying, understanding, and defending Accountor’s digital footprint.

Accountor evaluated the market for solutions that could help them better understand and protect their Internet-exposed assets. The evaluation was based on a number of critical requirements, including centralized visibility and control, easy monitoring, and data currency. They concluded that RiskIQ’s offerings addressed these requirements by providing a single pane of glass through which they could view an inventory of Accountor’s Internet discoverable assets and services with complete visibility. These high-level dashboards offer all levels of detail.

In addition, Accountor valued RiskIQ’s data accuracy and currency, which enabled them to quickly identify and highlight changes made to their footprint. Additionally, RiskIQ’s licensing model was suitable when considering the size of their digital presence while allowing them to address any future scaling challenges.

“RiskIQ has become a key element in our ongoing journey to improve our security operations, so that our clients continue to receive the best possible services."

Mikko Sauranen
Director, Information Security, Accountor

The Results

Accountor’s security team can now monitor their scattered assets via one portal, with essential need-to-know information presented via dashboards with underlying detail just a click away. Using this intelligence, they can respond to possible threats while continuously improving their digital footprint’s overall security posture.

In addition to monitoring their own digital assets, Accountor uses RiskIQ to discover assets across web, mobile and social channels that infringe on the group’s brand or that of their 12 subsidiaries. These include fake mobile apps, domain-infringing websites, phishing campaigns, and fake social media profiles.

Accountor has plans to improve the usage of various capabilities that RiskIQ’s solution offers and expand their usage to cover business challenges and security ones.

“With RiskIQ, we now have one portal to monitor and safeguard the whole of our digital footprint,” said Mikko Sauranen, Director, Information Security. “RiskIQ has become a key element in our ongoing journey to improve our security operations so that our clients continue to receive the best possible services.”

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