CryptoCoin Rush:

The Next Mining Boomtown Could be your Corporate Website

Cryptocurrency mining is booming due to the rush by companies and threat actors alike to capitalize on cryptocurrency’s skyrocketing valuation.

However, while some brands capitalize by running cryptocurrency mining scripts in the background of their sites to leverage the computers of their visitors legally, threat actors hack vulnerable sites or spin up fake, illegitimate websites to siphon computing power for mining.

To map the cryptocurrency mining landscape, RiskIQ’s deployed our web crawling infrastructure to highlight the influx of revenue-generating miners in domains in the Alexa top-10,000 and analyzes their attributes, such as prevalence, longevity and associated infrastructure.

Download the infographic to find out:

  • The amount of cryptocurrency miners RiskIQ observed over a 23-week period
  • The average amount of time a cryptocurrency mining script is active
  • Most popular cryptocurrency mining scripts
  • Number of hosts running cryptocurrency miners in the Alexa top-10,000
  • Top-level domains utilized by cryptocurrency miners
  • Top-5 geolocations of cryptocurrency miners