The Evil Internet Minute 2020

Every minute, $11,400,000 will be lost to cybercrime and top companies pay $24.70 due to security breaches.

What happens in the span of a minute across the internet? According to threat research by RiskIQ and threat researchers around the world, a whole lot of evil.

As the internet grows, so does the scale of threat activity targeting organizations that are expanding their digital presence and rapidly adopting the cloud. Based on research from Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2021, cybercriminals will cost the world $11.4m each minute, fueled by greater ease of entry into cybercrime and more opportunities to leverage global events like COVID-19 in successful threat campaigns.

Once again, RiskIQ took a closer look at the malicious activity that transpires across the world every 60 seconds. Download the 2020 Evil Internet Minute and discover the threats lurking across the web during the time as it takes to drink a glass of water.

  • The average budget spent on infosec
  • The average cost of cybercrime per organization
  • The average cost of ransomware attacks
  • Identifier records compromised every minute
  • COVID-19 websites blacklisted
  • Phishing sites stood up
  • Mobile apps blacklisted
  • COVID-19 spam emails analyzed
  • Magecart attacks

Download the 2020 Evil Internet Minute