The Real Battlefield for Cybercrime Infographic

A recent RiskIQ study of the 30 largest UK businesses showed that each had an average of 3,315 web properties. The majority of these were outside the corporate firewall. These findings are similar, if not substantially lower, to what one would expect of US businesses.

Digital business initiatives often move quickly, and often without the involvement of the company’s security team. Business units may act on their own volition, and groups may choose to partner with other firms to take advantage of optimal timing. Individual employees may also act on their own to establish external digital assets. Intuitively, business leaders may know that resources would be more secure run from inside the corporate perimeter, but the potential gains and strategic stakes mean “Damn the torpedoes; we’re going in!”

Digital assets may take the form of a traditional website or microsite, but they also may exist as a social media property or a portion of an existing third-party site. Additionally, with the great advantages and expectations for mobile apps, the asset may take the form of a new or modified app.

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