Analysis of an Attack Surface

Five Ways Hackers are Targeting Organizations

The boom in internet-exposed assets from a decade of digital transformation, and accelerated by a seismic shift to a remote workforce in response to COVID-19, can make protecting your enterprise's digital attack surface feel overwhelming. Today, organizations are responsible for defending not only their internal network but also their digital presence across the internet and the cloud.

Bringing the massive scope of an organization's attack surface into focus helps frame the challenges of extending cybersecurity outside the corporate firewall, especially as staff forced to work from home push that boundary farther and farther out. To do it, RiskIQ tapped our internet-wide telemetry and massive internet data collection to reveal five areas of their digital presence organizations lack visibility, and the pathways hackers are exploiting these blind spots.

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  1. The Global Attack Surface is much bigger than you think: How big is the internet, and how quickly is it growing? RiskIQ telemetry tells the story.
  2. Sometimes hackers know more about your attack surface than you do: The attack surfaces of FTSE-30 companies show that even the average large-cap organization has visibility issues leading to vulnerabilities across its digital presence.
  3. The hidden attack surface: Attackers don't have to breach an asset you own to attack you. Rogue threats mimicking brands to attack their employees and customers prevail internet-wide.
  4. The mobile attack surface: Organizations shouldn't just focus on the Apple App Store and Google Play when defending their mobile presence. RiskIQ data explores the threat landscape across 120 mobile app stores and the open internet.
  5. JavaScript Threats - A New Frontier of Cybercrime: Organizations are finding that the code on their website is a fertile ground for cybercrime. RiskIQ detection data shows how JavaScript threats like Magecart are becoming more frequent.

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