RiskIQ's Consumer Holiday Shopping Sentiment and Outlook 2020

Digital commerce has the potential to break records this year, with extraordinary circumstances funneling more shoppers to digital outlets than ever before. Even considering widespread belt-tightening caused by COVID-19-related job loss, Deloitte projects a continued rise in retail sales over last year's figures. The firm forecasts that e-commerce sales could rise by as much as 35% due to limited in-store retail options.

At RiskIQ, we cannot help but view this uptick in digital spending for what it presents: more opportunities for cybercriminals. This holiday shopping season, threat actors will attempt to hack vulnerable e-commerce sites and systems to steal credit card information and leverage brands to fool consumers into downloading malware and giving up sensitive information.

To better understand this holiday shopping season's threat landscape through the lens of consumers, we surveyed a cross-section of American and British shoppers about their habits, outlook, and role in protecting their personal information while shopping online.

The Findings suggest that consumers plan to spend big once again this holiday season and may be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

With this report, we explore:

  1. The scope of online shopping last year, which provides a proven basis for consumer trends we may expect to see in the 2020 holiday season
  2. How consumers plan to allocate their holiday budgets, and what effect COVID-19 will have on the way that they shop
  3. Whether consumers are aware of and prepared for the threats that come with online shopping in 2020
  4. How RiskIQ advises consumers to protect their data this holiday season

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