Lessons From Landmark Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks take advantage of the limited ability of the target to provide effective front-line defense, routing through a third-party supply chain partner. These types of supply chain — or third-party — cyberattacks represent another crucial dimension of digital risk.

This report offers insights that will help security practitioners expand the scope of their defenses to better protect their organizations from attacks targeting the digital supply chain and partner ecosystem across their organization's attack surface.

We designed this report to bring into one place valuable information about various landmark cyberattacks that have shaped how security professionals think about supply chain cyber protection. Each security event highlighted here was selected because of some unique aspect of the attack that represents an unusual or first-of-its-kind approach or method.

In this report, we'll cover:

  • Operation Cloud Hopper
  • British Airways
  • Operation ShadowHammer
  • SolarWinds
  • And many more

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