RiskIQ i3 Intelligence Brief: Ransomware Attacks the Next Consequence of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Cybercriminals have always found success leveraging global epidemics to socially engineer victims in attacks that lead to ransomware and other malware. During past epidemics such as SARS and Ebola, attackers developed a distinct pattern to claim victims. This pattern continues with the current anxiety around the coronavirus.

After extensive analysis of past ransomware attacks during global epidemics and current phishing campaigns leveraging the coronavirus, RiskIQ's i3 Intelligence Group* issued an intelligence briefing assessing ransomware attacks will soon begin targeting large corporations. Because these organizations rely on markets and supply chains originating in China and other coronavirus-affected regions, employees may have heightened interest in news and developments related to the virus. This potentially makes them more susceptible to social engineering that tricks them into clicking on malicious links.

RiskIQ predicts threat actors will eventually begin using ransomware against victims they infect with the AZORult and Emotet varieties of malware.

Download the intelligence brief for more information about cyber threats leveraging the coronavirus outbreak, as well as

  • An assessment of the two possible methods of attack resulting from phishing campaigns claiming to offer news or updates about the coronavirus
  • History of malware and ransomware attacks leveraging global epidemics
  • Current malware campaigns leveraging the coronavirus
  • Comprehensive guidance, including mitigation and prevention techniques your organization can begin using immediately to avoid becoming a victim.

*RiskIQ's i3 threat intelligence group is comprised of former U.S. government agency analysts.

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