RiskIQ i3 Intelligence Brief: Ransomware in Health Sector 2020

A Perfect Storm of New Targets and Methods

This digital revolution happened quickly, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, it has suddenly gone into hyperdrive. Almost overnight, workforces and business operations decentralized and were flung around the world, widening the protection gaps and decreasing visibility into their attack surfaces.

Meanwhile, cybercriminals are capitalizing on coronavirus concerns, which has led to a spike in malicious online activity that RiskIQ assesses will increasingly impact healthcare facilities and COVID-19 responders. To hone in on their victims, attackers look for entry points such as unknown, unprotected, misconfigured, and unmonitored digital assets.

Against the backdrop of this ransomware "perfect storm," RiskIQ studied 127 of these attacks between 2016 and 2019. What follows are insights into what is yet to come as well as strategies healthcare providers can use to protect their patients' data now.

Download the i3 Intelligence brief to learn:

  • Which hospitals and health care centers are most often targeted
  • What do these attacks look like?
  • What are the consequences of these attacks?
  • Solutions for ransomware defense

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