2020 Election Mobile Application Landscape Report: An Analysis of Infringing and Official State Election Apps

Today's elections are almost entirely digitized. Many voters can register to vote, research candidates and issues, update their information, and even cast their ballots without ever touching a piece of paper. However, while these apps make it easier for citizens to exercise this constitutional right and serve as a counter to the dangers of COVID-19, their impact presents an opportunity for threat actors to create fraudulent apps that fool voters and disrupt their path to casting a vote.

To discover the prevalence of infringing election mobile apps, RiskIQ analyzed 128 app stores and 40 million mobile applications worldwide to uncover how widespread infringing election mobile apps are. Our systems surfaced 152 unauthorized applications comprising 16 state elections, showing a possible intent by threat actors to disrupt and misinform American voters.

Download the report here for an in-depth look at the mobile app election ecosystem, including:

  • The critical information these apps can modify, such as election results, absentee checks, registration checks, and more.
  • The distribution and types of stores hosting the infringing apps.
  • A map of malicious apps by country of origin, including Hong Kong, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, and others.
  • Voter guidance on ways to avoid downloading dangerous apps and vet app legitimacy.

Download Report