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Fake Black Friday Apps Set to Cause Consumer Chaos

Black Friday is just a week away and this morning there's a new warning for anyone looking for a deal. A lot of those apps promising to save you big buck, well, they may be fake. Costing consumers billions. Our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis is here with the details here. I knew it was too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true it always is. We all know the dangers of Black Friday in stores emdash; those huge crowds, stampedes, chaos emdash; but lately so many of us are turning online. Last year, we spent more than $12 billion over the Black Friday weekend online and this year consumer site RiskIQ is warning that anyone hunting for those megadeals on mobile has to watch out for malicious and fraudulent apps. They've now identified 32,000 fake mobile apps that will use the names of well-known retailers to trick users into entering their personal credit card information, Facebook and Gmail logins, downloading malware that can steal your information and even lock your phone so that you are to pay a ransom just to get back access. What do we do? There's really important things. First of all stick to the apps in the app stores: Google Play app store, the Apple app store. One way these fake apps are spreading is on social media so you have to be really careful what you click on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram. Also be wary of any app that asks for access to things like your contacts, like your stored passwords or credit card information and lastly, check for grammar errors. It sounds so simple but a lot of the fake apps have misspellings and filled with grammar errors so it's a dead giveaway that they're not the real deal. I know it' not until next Friday but there's still deals coming out every day. Everybody wants to get out early. So a lot of the deals right now are on TVs, Best Buy has a TV $3400, Costco has more than 20 TVs, deep discounts there. But here's the important thing to keep in mind: in general, historically, all the best deals on electronics and TVs come on the real Black Friday so it can be worth your time to wait. It's so tempting. It is so tempting. You can save the receipt. Buy it, save the receipt and check the deals later. I love this kid. I like my deals. I like my deals. Thank you, Rebecca.

Video source: ABC News