What is Digital Threat Management?

“As business embraces digital channels, so are cybercriminals. Learn more about Digital Threat Management and how RiskIQ can protect your web, mobile, and social presence outside the firewall.”

Business has embraced digital, and so have cyber criminals.

Malware, malvertising, phishing, domain infringement, rogue mobile apps, and social imposters-—today’s cyber attackers are taking advantage of your digital presence.

Their evolving tactics let them abuse your brand and exploit your external assets, duping customers and employees to gain their trust, access credentials, and sensitive information. You need to think outside the firewall; you need RiskIQ.

RiskIQ provides digital threat management. Our platform exposes rogue assets, eliminates exploits, and prevents brand damage across digital channels.

Comprehensive internet intelligence and machine learning enable you to efficiently understand and resolve active security issues.

Our digital threat management uses virtual-user technology which experiences the web like real users, evading detection to discover and monitor your digital footprint, the assets that make up your company’s attack surface. Our advanced internet reconnaissance and analytics allow you to detect and respond to external threats across web, mobile, and social channels—and PassiveTotal lets you quickly investigate threats with the most comprehensive internet data available, leaving them nowhere to hide.

Protect your business, brand, and customers today with digital threat management from RiskIQ.