PassiveTotal in 60 Seconds

Security analysts are overwhelmed with investigating events, incidents, and new threats.

With over 80% of breaches coming from threat actors outside the firewall, analysts end up hopping around internet data sources, using different tools and gathering intelligence manually—attempting to find the relationships and understand external exploits, adversaries, and attack infrastructures.

How can you find the answers your organization needs—and fast? With RiskIQ PassiveTotal.

PassiveTotal consolidates massive sets of diverse internet data sources into a single platform and highlights correlated information so you can quickly connect the dots. Easily pivot between terabytes of related passive and active DNS, WHOIS, SSL certificate, research, and exclusive RiskIQ information.

Collaboration and monitoring are all part of the platform. Easily organize your research into projects and share your results with peers and team members. And stay proactive with alerts on new or changed findings.

Reduce the effort required to investigate, uncover, and triage external events and incidents with PassiveTotal, leaving you more time for the more important things. Try it for free.