RiskIQ PassiveTotal Overview

IT security is hard. IT security outside the firewall is really hard.

Security teams must keep pace with the warp speed of their organization’s digital growth, which creates hidden risks and invites new threats—most of which lurk outside the corporate network.

Meanwhile, cybercriminals use both sophisticated and cheap, simple attacks like malicious Javascript and credential scraping while remaining hidden in the digital tangles.

And with an increasingly digital supply chain filled with third parties, exposed services, risky ports, apps, and clouds, security teams are manually data-stitching. Investigations stall and attackers linger and advance.

Let’s do something different.

RiskIQ PassiveTotal frees security teams from the hard work and guesswork. A single, unified view gives them insights to find digital exposures, hunt threats, and automate investigations.

For over a decade, RiskIQ has been absorbing internet data and automating assembly, drawn from more than 20 sources, like Passive DNS, WHOIS, SSL certs, and cookies. This includes data sets found nowhere else, like host pairs and certain web components.

Then, we taught PassiveTotal how to analyze the data, encoding security expertise and attacker heuristics from over 100 billion internet-connected attack paths.

PassiveTotal gives you an internet intelligence graph using patented infrastructure chaining for every digital connection—even attribution for attackers and their toys.

With everything collected, pre-computed, analyzed, and graphed, you can automate your security operations.

Threat hunting: scaled.
Incident response: in hyperdrive.

Every day, over 85,000 security professionals relying on RiskIQ PassiveTotal. You can see why.

PassiveTotal is powered by the RiskIQ Illuminate platform—the world’s only internet intelligence graph—so you can know your real attack surface.

Security is a chess game. Play to win. Whether hunting, red teaming, pen-testing, or investigating, RiskIQ will get you from data to insights to action in just a few clicks.

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