RiskIQ: Internet Intelligence to address Digital Risk and Targeted Threats

Security incidents happen all the time.

Oh look, Susan just visited a bad website with a hidden script. Ken was unknowingly phished for his credentials, and Jim accidentally downloaded some ransomware.

To manage these incidents, you need to understand the details like where, who, what, when and how. When the data is protected by your firewalls and internal security, this is sometimes easy. But when the data is on the internet, these details are nearly impossible to find.

That’s where RiskIQ’s attack surface management platform and advanced internet reconnaissance comes in.

RiskIQ observes and collects hundreds of gigabytes of data every day into our internet data warehouse. It’s a huge amount of data consolidated such as passive DNS, SSL certificates, open ports, WHOIS information, host pairs, webpage DOM, page hashes, iFrames, javascript, phishing links, malware and aggregated, industry-leading blacklists.

With RiskIQ, our platform turns this big data into security intelligence. Giving you the connections on where, who, what, when and how. As a whole, the RiskIQ attack surface management platform covers everything you need:

  • Digital Footprint continuously discovers an inventory of your internet-exposed assets and helps reduce risk associated with your attack surface.
  • External Threats automates the detection, monitoring, and remediation of digital threats posed by malicious actors to your organization, employees, and customers.
  • PassiveTotal unifies internet data sets into a single threat analysis platform, empowering security teams to accelerate investigations and eliminate cyber threats.
  • Security Intelligence Services, to connect and enrich internet data sets how you want.

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