Triple Trouble:

All Access is Remote Access

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In the wake of the worldwide response to COVID-19, enterprise digital programs are outpacing their security team’s ability to protect them: customers and carts, employees and websites, partners and portals, users and apps.

The radical shift to a remote workforce is just one part of the story. Everyone, including employees, supply chains, third parties, are all dependent on secure connections and safe data flow.

Whether you're exploring billions of web components or millions of exposed services and targeted ports or identifying risky VPNs—the sheer magnitude of the digital attack surface can be daunting.

Steve Ginty, RiskIQ’s Director of Threat Intelligence, will share how rapid demand for remote access has reshaped the enterprise attack surface.

In this webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Identify remote services: RDP, VPNs, and attacker accessibility
  • Spot risky trends in your digital inventory, including third parties
  • Calibrate risk and response with minimal user disruption
  • Pinpoint threats and risks via internet reconnaissance

Join RiskIQ’s Steve Ginty and Josh Mayfield as they explore the latest detection trends and what you can do to safeguard your digital enterprise.

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