Attack Surface Evolution

Digital Transformation is in Hyperdrive

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The digital revolution continues to march on, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, it has suddenly gone into hyperdrive. Almost overnight, workforces and business operations completely decentralized as work from home policies came into force.

In the past couple weeks, security protocols have completely changed—firewalls, DLP, and network monitoring are no longer as effective as they were. Attackers now have far more access points to probe or exploit, with little-to-no security oversight. Meanwhile, IT is feverishly standing up new systems, new access, and new channels and likely succumbing to human error, such as critical misconfigurations.

This session will take a close look at this transformation and the steps security teams need to take in these unprecedented times. Attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of the changes in the threat landscape as a result of the current pandemic, both from an attacker and defender perspective.
  • Learn how you can pinpoint configuration errors, find & secure cloud assets, and detect malicious rogue assets.
  • Understand the offerings RiskIQ is making freely available to the audience: COVID-19 Daily Intelligence Report, Daily Infrastructure Observations, 30 access to RiskIQ PassiveTotal and Digital Footprint Snapshots.

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