Azure Sentinel webinar: Threat intelligence automation with RiskIQ

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In this new dynamic age of cybersecurity, knowledge and context are power. The security solutions that matter are automated, integrate with existing investments and include a game-changing amount of context

The RiskIQ Intelligence Connector, which links RiskIQ's Internet Intelligence Graph and Microsoft Sentinel, was built for this new age of cybersecurity. In our latest webinar, find out how threat intelligence automation with RiskIQ enables Microsoft Azure users to tap into petabytes of external threat intelligence to enrich incidents automatically, saving time and resources.

Microsoft's cloud-native SIEM, when combined with RiskIQ, has the potential to reshape how security teams operate, seamlessly integrating the most comprehensive external visibility with the advanced threat detection, AI, and orchestration found in Azure Sentinel.

Watch how to get started, and bring RiskIQ's universe of external intelligence into your instance using Sentinel Playbooks.

Watch the Webinar