Your Enterprise Digital Footprint:

What You Can’t See Will Hurt You

You can't protect what you don't know exists.

That’s why visualizing your organization’s complete attack surface is central to a modern security program. During its discovery process, RiskIQ’s Enterprise Digital Footprint (EDF) product considers the entire internet surfacing more digital assets across web, social, and mobile channels than other technologies. It not only provides a comprehensive picture of how your company looks from the perspective of customers (and adversaries targeting your exposures), but it also continuously updates to reflect live changes and new exposures with regards to your attack surface.

Learn how discovering your Enterprise Digital Footprint is the first step of a robust digital risk monitoring (DRM) program.

Jean Marie Handy, Digital Footprint Specialist at RiskIQ will answer the following:

  • What different groups in an organization need Enterprise Digital Footprint and why?
  • What security gaps/vulnerabilities are highlighted using Enterprise Digital Footprint?
  • How does Enterprise Digital Footprint enable you to strengthen your security posture and attack surface?
  • What reporting structure is in place, in order to demonstrate results for executives and oversight teams?
  • What sets Enterprise Digital Footprint apart from other security tools, in terms of asset protection across all digital channels?

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