5 Questions, Answered:

Vulnerability Control Beyond the Firewall

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Security is hard. Internet security is even harder. Any IT security pro will tell you, finding and mitigating exposures feels like searching for a single raindrop in a Category 5 hurricane.

And with COVID19 response, enterprises everywhere are putting digital programs into hyperdrive. Security pros are saddled with the responsibility to manage assets, count-up vulnerabilities, stack-rank priorities, and somehow figure out how to remediate exposures that are different in-kind from the typical network CVE.

But there’s hope. Josh Mayfield and Vijay Punja will share how to extend vulnerability control outside the firewall, reduce scanning costs and delays, and keep pace with the speed of digital growth.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to prioritize external, internet-based risks
  2. What methods other enterprise security teams use
  3. Why digital threats, like malicious JavaScripts, are so tenacious
  4. Core questions to guide world-class vulnerability control

Join our fireside chat, where we explore the latest trends and tactics for internet exposure and risk control.

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