Inside and Beyond Ticketmaster

The Many Breaches of Magecart

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In 2015 a digital credit card skimming group that injected code into the online shopping software provided by Magento, dubbed 'Magecart' was first discovered by RiskIQ in 2015. In October of 2017 RiskIQ exposed the group's offline operations, which monetizes its credit card theft and mitigates risk to its members by recruiting unwitting mules in the US via Russian-language job postings to ship stolen goods to Eastern Europe.

RiskIQ then discovered the July breach of Ticketmaster was not an isolated incident as initially reported, but rather part of a worldwide campaign affecting potentially thousands of sites by hacking third-party components used by e-commerce brands. The latest chapter in the Magecart saga reveals the group's role in the targeted breach of British Airways, which used malicious code meant to mimic the functionality of the site to intercept the payment information of 380,000 customers.

Join RiskIQ Researcher, Yonathan Klijnsma, to learn:

  • How Magecart has continued to evolve
  • What happened during the Ticketmaster breach, and what it means for hundreds of other e-commerce sites
  • How British Airways was successfully targeted
  • The newest research that will better define the scope of Magecart’s influence

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