Webinar: Keys to a Modern Vulnerability Risk Management Program

A Conversation with Forrester Research

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You know how critical a vulnerability risk management program is to creating a strong defense against external cyberattacks. But is your program inherently flawed?

Traditional cyber security scanners, which rely on known, user-supplied scanning targets, are not enough to adequately manage today’s growing attack surface. While scanning known digital assets for vulnerabilities is crucial, it's the unknown portion--shadow IT, orphaned systems, IOT devices--of the attack surface that's being missed by traditional scanners.

According to Forrester Research's Josh Zelonis, a modern vulnerability risk management (VRM) program must have a strong discovery capability--a process they define as “digital footprinting”. Join us for our webinar where Zelonis will share how digital footprinting is essential to next-gen vulnerability risk management and why he felt it was an important criterion to add for The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q4 2019.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to take your vulnerability risk management (VRM) program to the next level by leveraging Internet discovery and threat intelligence
  • How to better prioritize your remediation tasks and speed up your risk reduction efforts
  • How Forrester client inquiries and challenges influenced the research into VRM solutions

Join us for our chat with guest Josh Zelonis, Principal Analyst for Security & Risk at Forrester Research and author of The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q4 2019.

Speaker Bios

Guest Speaker: Josh Zelonis
Principal Analyst at Forrester

Josh is a principal analyst at Forrester, serving security and risk professionals. He covers cybersecurity architecture and operations, with a focus on cyberthreat intelligence, detection, and response. In this role, he helps clients continuously adapt their architecture, policies, and processes to evolving threats while also developing robust incident response capabilities that limit the impact of breaches. His research focuses on threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment/management, malware analysis, and incident response.

Josh Mayfield
Senior Director of Security Products at RiskIQ

Josh is RiskIQ's Senior Director of Security Products and works with RiskIQ customers to leverage technology for stronger cybersecurity and reduced risk on the attack surface. He has spent 10+ years in cybersecurity with a special focus on network security, threat hunting, identity management, and data security. His research has been featured in leading publications including, SC Magazine, Forbes, Infosec, and Dark Reading, and he is often cited by media and journalists for his analysis of cryptocurrencies, security operations, and attacker psychology.

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