Magecart Part II Threatcast™:

From JavaScript Injects to Reshipping for Financial Gain

When people think of credit card theft, they often think of skimming, point-of-sale devices infected with malware, and large-scale data breaches. But online stores remain one of the most vulnerable means of stealing credit card data.

Last October, RiskIQ profiled a threat known as Magecart, which injects JavaScript code into e-commerce sites running outdated and unpatched versions of shopping cart software. By logging consumer keystrokes, Magecart captures large quantities of payment card information from unsuspecting shoppers. In our follow-on report, Magecart Part II: From Javascript Injects to Reshipping for Financial Gain, we take a rare glimpse into the offline world of digital threats.

Join Threat Researcher Yonathan Klijnsma, as he explains how continued tracking of Magecart activity over the last few months has led to evidence of how the actors behind it are cashing-in by reshipping items purchased with stolen cards via a physical re-shipping company operating with mules in the U.S.

Yonathan covers:

  • The evolution of payment card theft
  • Magecart infrastructure: what it looks like, how to detect it, and how it’s evolving
  • Why e-commerce sites and consumers are at risk
  • The Magecart operators' offline rackets and why they work
  • Guidance for e-commerce site owners and why having a dynamic view of their digital footprint is key to defending themselves

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