RiskIQ and Palo Alto Networks Review New Apps Powered by Internet Intelligence

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Organizations' digital transformation initiatives have produced an ever-expanding and dynamic digital presence—increased adoption of cloud technologies, remote access patterns, and new means to deliver applications. This growing attack surface is opaque and challenging to manage, creating unprecedented opportunities for threat actors targeting it.

Understanding which assets a business owns, especially those Internet-facing, is more critical than ever. However, doing so cannot be a static, people-managed process—viable asset management needs to be automatic, continuous, and delivered with enough context to drive action. In other words, asset data needs to turn into intelligence for security teams.

Join this 30-minute webinar with Palo Alto Networks and RiskIQ to learn how to modernize your security program's asset management by building a continuous inventory of assets and automating everyday business actions against them, without the need for a human in the loop.

You'll learn to:

  • Use RiskIQ's Digital Footprint content pack to continuously synchronize your organization's attack surface inventory with the XSOAR Threat Intelligence Module. 
  • Investigate the root cause & attack chain of endpoint alerts by applying external data.
  • Apply machine learning & behavioral analytics to find the most elusive threats. 

You'll leave this session with a clear plan to visualize and understand your organization's attack surface so you can respond to sophisticated threats quickly. This session is ideal for security analysts of all experience levels, including security operations/SOC staff, incident responders, and threat hunters.

Featured Speakers

Brandon Dixon
VP of Strategy, Riskiq

Brandon has spent his career in information security performing analysis, building tools, and refining processes. As VP of Strategy, he is responsible for aligning RiskIQ to the market, influencing product strategy and furthering partnerships. Prior to RiskIQ, Brandon was the co-founder of PassiveTotal (acquired by RiskIQ) where he led development and product direction. His research and development on various security topics have gained him accolades from many major security vendors and peers in the industry.

Tyler Rorabaugh
Director of Technical Business Development, Palo Alto Networks

After almost 2 decades in cyber security, Tyler Rorabaugh doesn't consider himself a veteran but a neophyte (newbie). He's been a globetrotter for multiple cyber security companies and startups, worked in a variety of sectors including both public and private, done a variety of cyber security talks and research, helped with new gov standards initiatives, competed in cyber challenges, and tries to be a hidden hand helping the industry push forward and think outside of the box. He is constantly thinking about managing risk and being able to automate response. Tyler Rorabaugh recently helped shape the SOAR market through Cortex XSOAR (Demisto) and is currently director of technical business development at Palo Alto Networks.

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