Subdomain Infringement:

The Unseen Cyber Security Threat That’s Running Rampant

Subdomain infringement degrades consumer trust in your brand and it is a cyber security threat that puts your customers at risk of giving up sensitive, potentially damaging information. Unfortunately, the traditional way of monitoring registrations leaves a lot to be desired—most don’t dig deeper than root domains, leaving the millions of fraudulent subdomains in use by threat actors undetected.

In this webinar, find out how to leverage passive DNS data to go beyond WHOIS lookups and turn domain infringement detection into domain threat detection. Also learn:

  • How free and cheap domain registration and advanced tactics like domain shadowing enable threat actors to attain root domains and subdomains
  • How passive DNS helps cyber security threat researchers map their adversary’s infrastructure and make more connections about who is behind a brand infringement attack
  • How RiskIQ’s sophisticated crawling infrastructure and analysis platform gives security teams context around how an domain infringement is being used, and what level of cyber security threat it poses to the organization

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