5-Questions Security Intelligence Must Answer: How to Build Security Resilience in a New Age of Cyber Threats

Organizations have been growing their digital presence online and migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, outside the friendly confines of their firewall and other network security controls. This digital transformation has grown the enterprise digital attack surface and dramatically broadened the spectrum of threats and vulnerabilities that can affect the average organization.

Today, more than 375 new threats emerge each minute. Sophisticated APTs and low-level cybercriminals alike threaten businesses' safety, targeting their data, IP, systems, and people.

Security teams must have the intelligence necessary to defend their organizations from a vast universe of threats, some of which traverse their network, many that don't. To able to defend their business successfully, the enterprise must be able to proactively address this changing threat landscape, using intelligence to answer the following questions:

  1. Where are the weaknesses in my attack surface? 
  2. Where should I focus my resources to keep pace with digital growth?
  3. Which threats are relevant to my organization? 
  4. Where is an active attack coming from?
  5. How can my security programs be more resilient?

In this white paper, we'll frame the challenges of effective threat intelligence and focus on answering these five questions to boost cybersecurity resiliency in this new age of cyber threat.

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