Five Security Intelligence Must-Haves For Next-Gen Attack Surface Management

Know Your Enemies: Cyber Threat Intelligence

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In this series, we take a closer look at each of the five elements of security intelligence that come together to form the backbone of an effective modern external attack surface management program. Each one is akin to a chess move that, when executed, gives your team a distinct advantage over your opponent. These five elements, in concert, provide complete situational awareness and visibility in all dimensions that ensure you're making the optimal move against threat actors every time.

In part three, we'll be discussing cyber threat intelligence, i.e., knowing your enemies. Today's universe of cybercriminals, hacktivists, and nation-state threats seems nearly infinite. the sheer scale of the threat landscape creates doubt, uncertainty, and persistent false alarms and alerts that hinder the resolute and decisive action that makes meaningful outcomes for stronger resilience.

With RiskIQ's real-time Internet Intelligence Graph, we’ll break down how organizations can Magnify and scale global defense and protections with durable threat indicators pegged to the adversary's unique fingerprint.

Download the white paper to learn how RiskIQ's next-generation cyber threat Intelligence can address:

  • The global explosion of threat infrastructure
  • Tracking the threat tools most dangerous to your unique attack surface
  • Strategic Moves You Can Make with RiskIQ
  • RiskIQ Attack Surface Intelligence Capabilities

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