Eight Degrees of Kevin Bacon:

Cyber Threat Research Edition

You've heard of ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,' the game that challenges players to connect the prolific actor with any other actor via their film roles in six steps or less. With RiskIQ, we can do the same thing, only using web assets.

What do we mean?

Kevin Bacon is a film actor, not a cyber threat actor. But like cyber threat actors, he has a digital footprint that spans the internet, the assets of which can be linked together and mapped using internet data sets. To prove it, we'll use PassiveTotal—RiskIQ's cyber threat research tool—to show how, via eight degrees of web separation, you can link Kevin Bacon to anyone or anything on the internet by pivoting on datasets like:

  • Passive DNS
  • Host Pairs
  • Certificates

From country music stars to broken SSL certs to e-cigarette sites, download the white paper to see the connections we made using these critical internet datasets.

Download White Paper