Five Security Intelligence Must-Haves For Next-Gen Attack Surface Management

How Deep Knowledge of Digital Relationships Can Defend the Extended Digital Enterprise

Today's global internet attack surface has transformed dramatically into a dynamic, all-encompassing, and completely entwined ecosystem that we're all a part of—your organization, my organization, good guys, bad guys, and every online entity in-between.

It's these digital infrastructure connections that attackers leverage to attack organizations where they lack visibility and situational awareness. However, these connections can also tell your security team your attack surface's story and illuminate cyber adversaries and their tools. It's these connections that bring security intelligence to life.

In today's cyberthreat landscape, those who understand these infrastructure relationships best, good guy or bad guy, are the ones who win. This white paper will detail the importance of modern, dynamic security intelligence focused on these digital connections, sharing five critical elements all security teams must have fully loaded and operationalized to stay ahead of their adversaries:

  1. Know Yourself: Attack Surface Intelligence - Having complete visibility into each asset and connection across your digital footprint is vital.
  2. Know Your Allies: Third-Party Intelligence - Understanding the risks across your digital supply chain and how they impact your organization.
  3. Know Your Enemies: Cyber Threat Intelligence - Insight into the threat systems and threat actors targeting your organization across the global attack surface.
  4. Know Your Ever-Changing Surroundings: Security Operations Intelligence - Enriching core security solutions with extended enterprise intelligence improves investigation and response.
  5. Know Your Weaknesses: Vulnerability Intelligence - Identify which vulnerabilities matter, how critical they are, and how to align all the teams in your organization.

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