Enterprise Risk Snapshot Offer

Overnight, attack surfaces expanded outside the corporate network as staff began working from home. IT teams stood up new systems in a hurry to enable this remote workforce, making firewalls, DLP, and network monitoring no longer sufficient.

Attackers now have far more access points to probe or exploit and are taking advantage of this widening gap in security oversight. At the same time, they tap into the global anxiety over the outbreak.

To combat this spike in threats related to COVID-19, RiskIQ is offering a complimentary Enterprise Risk Snapshot report, a quick and easy way to understand digital assets that belong to your organization outside the firewall, including:

  • VPNs
  • Remote access points
  • Shadow IT

Keep track of your digital attack surface as it expands in unprecedented ways.*

*RiskIQ team will be in contact to determine your eligibility.

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