5 Top Priorities for Digital Attack Surface Management

Whether they originate within a company’s network or outside of it, cybersecurity experts need to prevent known vulnerabilities from becoming exploited. However, it’s hard to take action when your scope only includes your internal network, which is the case with far too many cybersecurity teams.

“Holistic” is the name of the game. From top to bottom cybersecurity teams need to consider everything that could go wrong across their digital attack surface, from inside the network to on the internet or in the cloud, then implement an effective plan to push back against it.

Some organizations have developed a mature digital attack surface management program, but others are just starting on the journey. Evaluating the scope of their program and identifying where to start. That’s why we’ve outlined the top five priorities for all companies to manage their entire digital attack surface for maximum efficacy.

Download our latest guide to find out the five places your team should start, including:

  1. Mapping your digital attack surface
  2. Minimizing your digital attack surface
  3. Getting compliant
  4. Protecting your customers
  5. Getting the most out of your other cybersecurity programs

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