Supercharge your Vulnerability Management and Pen-testing Programs

with RiskIQ and Qualys

Together RiskIQ and Qualys make a powerful combination security teams can use to determine the health of their network defenses and identify weaknesses attackers can use as inroads.

Because RiskIQ and Qualys are both used to help organizations better understand their attack surface, they’re often brought up in comparisons of vulnerability management solutions and even mistaken for competitors. However, while pen-testing solutions can surface weaknesses in your network and also help map it, they can’t do anything to increase the visibility of your organization’s attack surface beyond your firewall. That’s where security teams using Qualys can call upon RiskIQ to supercharge their pen-testing programs.

This paper explores four ways RiskIQ can be used alongside solutions like Qualys to improve your pen-testing and vuln management programs, including:

  • Finding what you don’t know you don’t know
  • Reducing Risk from mergers and acquisitions
  • Third-party software components and dependencies identification
  • Threats in the wild

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