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Automate the Fight Against Malvertising

Increase Trust and Revenue With Quality Interactions in Advertising

Demand-side platforms (DSPs), exchanges, and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) insist on transparency. A lack of transparency decreases trust and spending between trading partners, potentially resulting in ejection from ad exchanges and increased operational costs from investigations and complaints from supply partners.

But with a proactive approach using RiskIQ, ad quality teams can take immediate action against illegitimate ads, minimizing the threat to end users by automating the process of vetting ads and monitoring demand sources.

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RiskIQ and You

Safe and Sustained Growth

Via our robust API, RiskIQ automatically sends alerts as soon as our system sees existing and emerging threats, so compromised ads can be taken down immediately to stop malvertising in its tracks—even over the weekend when malvertising usually mount their attacks because IT departments are slower to respond.

RiskIQ maps ad serving domains to the operating entities, which enables us to score ad networks holistically over time and give you the additional transparency needed to remediate malvertising. This transparency helps maintain integrity with supply partners, reduce complaints and operational overhead, and minimize the threat of increased government regulation.

Don’t just combat malvertising, demonstrate your focus on Ad Quality

Reporting includes comprehensive data on each incident giving visibility into the entire ad redirect chain and creative source, indicating which part was compromised. This way, the ad quality team knows who to talk to for a full investigation and remediation of the problem.

Real-time response

When RiskIQ detects malicious ads, we send forensic evidence that enables customers to deactivate infected ads in real time. Also, our domain experts help customers analyze incidents, providing transparency and resolution services to all relevant parties.

Policy and Compliance

Many publishers and ad networks contract out to third party ad providers, who may, in turn, outsource tasks and technology to others. With this highly insecure supply chain, advertisers don’t have full control over security practices, meaning one weak link can take everyone down. RiskIQ scans ads in different user environments, which saves time by allowing seamless passing of data to send alert for anything that might violate their policies.