Attack Surface Intelligence

Relevant, actionable security intelligence for threats that matter

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RiskIQ Illuminate® Internet Intelligence Platform is security intelligence that combines attack surface discovery and maps threats relevant to your digital footprint. RiskIQ Illuminate is the only security intelligence solution with deep awareness and continuous graphing for every relationship on the internet—your attack surface with prioritized threats and risks tailored to you.

Attack Surface Intelligence

Combines more than ten years of history and trillions of real-world observations to assemble, graph, and identify every relationship and connection in your digital attack surface. RiskIQ Illuminate Attack Surface Intelligence enables security teams to quickly find and eliminate the threats and exposures that matter most. Quickly prioritize risks and threats relevant to your infrastructure, brands, companies, apps, services, and systems. Focus on threats that matter—to you.

Global Collection Network

Continuous Internet Graphing

Digital Risk Monitoring: Active and Historic

Defending your attack surface is a challenge of continuous change and global scale. RiskIQ Illuminate Internet Intelligence Platform shows cyber threats relevant to your critical assets through connected digital relationships. RiskIQ Illuminate Attack Surface Intelligence shows insights based on our fully automated discovery capability that updates daily, continuously uncovering and updating your digital footprint—and everything else on the internet. Continuous, dynamic scoring for risks and relationships relevant to you.

Real-World Observations

Automated Risk Scoring

Quickly Identify Friends and Foes

Up-to-the-moment reputation scoring—you or another, good or bad, adversary or ally. Get insight rapidly with attack surface intelligence that’s powered by deep machine learning on trillions of observations, enriched with security expertise from RiskIQ Labs and our unique Community Defense Model. Adapt to shifting and evolving threats with instantly generated, dynamic scores and summary reputations across the worldwide attack surface—and its composition, including newly added assets, web apps, pages, and technologies, cloud deployments, and meaningful intelligence based on real-world observations.

Dynamic Reputation Scoring

Deep Machine Learning

“Be Brilliant. RiskIQ Illuminate.”

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