Attack Surface Intelligence

Relevant, actionable security intelligence for threats that matter

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The Challenge

The global attack surface is a dynamic, fluid system connecting everything on the internet—you and others, good and bad, threats, third-parties, adversaries, and allies. Meanwhile, cybercriminals, threat actors, hacktivists, and even nation-states continue to evolve their malicious capabilities. With nearly infinite assets exposed to attack, by one threat actor to thousands, security teams need threat intelligence relevant to their unique digital footprint and a focus on threats that matter.

The Solution

RiskIQ is the only security intelligence solution that combines attack surface mapping with real-world threats relevant to you, your peers, third parties, brands, infrastructure, and the whole digital supply chain. Distinguish friend from foe, adversaries from allies, and safeguard your digital attack surface with threat insights tailored to you and your digital relationships, anywhere and on-demand.

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Attack Surface Intelligence

Digital, cloud-centric transformation creates hidden risks and threats with today’s enterprise attack surface defined by nearly infinite attacker targets and continuous change. Find and eliminate relevant threats and prioritize risks with real-world observations tuned to your unique attack surface and actionable insights for your digital footprint.

Digital Threat Monitoring

The rapidly evolving digital footprint demands tracking and monitoring for risks for brands, infrastructure, apps, services, and the whole digital supply chain. Secure digital expansion with automated detection for brand attacks, fraud, and supply risks and enable continuous digital footprinting for insight-driven priorities.

Prioritized Exposures and Vulnerabilities

In real time, pinpoint CVEs, zero-day vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, weak frameworks, and depreciated technologies that create relevant exposures within your digital attack surface. RiskIQ’s patented machine learning and threat tracking identifies relationships for risk-based priorities and adapts to your evolving attack surface—moment by moment and on-demand. Prioritize active exploits with relevant intelligence for threats actively targeting specific vulnerabilities in your digital footprint. Speed up remediation with instant awareness of real-world exposures, ranked and scored for impacts meaningful to your attack surface.

Relevant Threats, Actionable Intelligence

Speed up triage, analysis, and response by identifying connection points with real-world threats. Leverage verified observations to create factful, dynamic threat attribution and realize durable defenses no matter how or when your attack surface changes. This view enables your security team to look deeper into the full composition of your unique digital footprint, including its IPs, hosts, ports, services, certificates, pages, components, and code. This global view enables smarter, faster incident response at a global scale.

Third-Party Attack Surface Intelligence

Rapidly reduce risk by comparing your attack surface with third parties using the same metrics, visuals, and scores. See the composition of your third-party risks within their reality-based attack surface. Improve decisions and reduce uncertainty with your third-party dependencies.

“Be Brilliant. RiskIQ Illuminate.”

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