RiskIQ For CISOs

Ensure your external threat program supports your enterprise vision and strategy for protecting assets outside the firewall.

Knowing is the Best Defense

As a CISO, you’re responsible for the vision and strategy of protecting your organization’s assets, both inside and outside the firewall. But how can you protect what you cannot see? By empowering your team with an accurate understanding of your company’s digital footprint—all Shadow IT, third-party, and rogue digital assets—and arming them with threat infrastructure analysis via RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal, you can be at the helm of an industry leading external threat management program.

Manage your global attack surface, even outside the firewall.

Your digital assets may exist in siloed environments controlled by various departmental groups within your company. But given the number of your unknown, external-facing digital assets—and your security team’s lack of visibility—gathering a complete and accurate inventory of every asset that comprises your attack surface would be a daunting task.

RiskIQ’s Enterprise Digital Footprint continuously discovers, indexes, and manages Internet assets from the outside-in. With it, the CISO is in control of all web, mobile, and social assets, enabling your security team to respond quickly to external threats. With a dynamic index of your web attack surface, your team can bring unknown and shadow IT assets under management.

Our technology disarms attackers’ evasion techniques while collecting user session data to detect phishing, fraudulent apps and content, domain infringement, malware, and more—all at scale. RiskIQ packages this incredible amount of data into actionable, event-based threat alerts and workflows—and provides you with risk scorecards so you can show your organization what’s working.

With RiskIQ, you have the technology and support needed to make accurate, strategic risk management decisions to eliminate threats across your organization.

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RiskIQ and You

RiskIQ in action.

RiskIQ finds an average of 2,000 events per week that indicate some level of vulnerability or abuse of a Fortune 500 insurance company’s web pages, mobile apps, or brand reputation. This intelligence enables the customer to order take-downs of copycat applications and web pages, address vulnerabilities in application code and protect against illicit domains from abusing the customer’s brand and trademark information.

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Closed-loop event management & remediation.

We provide closed-loop processes for remediating external threat events while increasing productivity and reducing the time to manage your organization’s attack surface from weeks to hours.

Knowing your organization.

With RiskIQ’s Enterprise Digital Footprint, CISOs can:

  • Ensure and operationalize a comprehensive external threat program
  • Provide closed loop reporting
  • Create Risk Scorecards for upper management
  • Gain visibility into previously unknown assets
  • Improve visibility for third party risk
  • Improve risk guidance for the enterprise

Knowing your attacker.

With RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal threat infrastructure analysis platform, your teams will have the ability to analyze a threat actor’s infrastructure to better understand their intentions and capabilities—and how to mitigate them.

  • Proactive budget and allocate resources due to attack infrastructure trends specific to threats facing your analysts
  • Managing and containing any threats, based on infrastructure analysis