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Incident Response

Increase Your Visibility Into Digital Threats and Improve Your Ability to Understand Their Nature

The massively increasing size and scale of the internet continue to lower the bar for hackers to carry out successful attacks. Attackers simply have too many places to hide online, and the decreasing cost of infrastructure enables them to build and deploy malicious sites rapidly and take them down just as fast.

Today’s incident response teams, no matter their size or maturity level, must sift through a massive number of alerts to quickly identify and respond to all threats to their company, brand, and customers—without the distraction of false positives.

RiskIQ’s machine learning-based detection is more accurate than other solutions on the market, which means we eliminate the false positive hits produced by other automated detection systems, which waste time and delay enforcement. We apply our intelligence to the various source feeds we ingest and can automate the processing of your organization’s abuse boxes, web server referrer logs, and DMARC reports as additional detection sources.

RiskIQ in Action


Incident Response RiskIQ takes the approach of blocking threats as the first course of action. Our event review and mitigation workflow includes built-in integration with Google Safe Browsing and Microsoft SmartScreen to automatically submit and block confirmed events. This way, threats like phishing, scams, and URLs hosting malware are neutralized to 95% of browsers within minutes rather than hours. This mitigates potential damage while the takedown request is pending.


Our event management workflow makes it easy to collaborate and avoid duplicating work, and all incident responder interactions, including status changes, notes, and tags, are recorded in the event history. Event ownership can also be assigned to specific users to avoid confusion. For additional context, RiskIQ’s interface automatically correlates related events and links to the PassiveTotal® platform, where analysts can quickly discover other threat infrastructure owned or used by the same actor.

To understand the risks leveled against your organization, RiskIQ’s comprehensive reporting shows breakdowns by target brand, target country, and origin country as well as trend data over time to help identify campaigns and understand who is targeting your organization and how they’re doing it.



With RiskIQ:

  • Efficiently manage large volumes of alerts
  • Avoid spending too much time reviewing individual alerts
  • Reduce the lifespan and potential damage of attack campaigns
  • Quickly block threats and enforce takedowns
  • Understand where improvements can be made
  • Have the context needed to understand the threats targeting your organization
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