Financial Services Solutions

Designed to Meet the Specific Security and Compliance Requirements of Financial Services Firms

The security and compliance needs of banking, lending, trading, insurance, or other financial institutions (FIs) are very unique. Ensuring the security of personally identifiable information (PII), credit/bank cards and large amounts of other sensitive personal data entrusted to FIs is key to retaining existing new customers and winning new ones.

Targeted attacks against financial services organizations are increasing exponentially. Hackers, organized cyber-crime groups and nation states are constantly deploying attack infrastructure to launch phishing attacks, domain threats, brand abuse, social, mobile, and malware based cyber-attacks. In addition, FIs must comply with various compliance regulations, including PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, MAS-TRM, FINRA, and many others.

RiskIQ For Financial Services

RiskIQ for Financial ServicesRiskIQ provides a comprehensive Attack Surface Management platform that allows your audit and security team to discover, monitor, investigate and mitigate the threats across your web, social, and mobile attack surface.

RiskIQ discovers your entire attack surface – including digital assets on your own infrastructure as well as cloud assets, social profiles, and mobile apps. By gaining visibility into your attack surface across the internet, you can see your organization the way an attacker does and get a better picture of where security gaps may exist.

Our proprietary crawl and scan data collection techniques gather the most comprehensive internet datasets, and then apply machine learning algorithms to uncover internet assets like web domains, parked web pages, malicious phishing websites, as well as rogue mobile apps trying to compromise your customers and employees.

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RiskIQ PassiveTotalWith RiskIQ PassiveTotal®, you can investigate your own as well as attacker infrastructure in order to perform proactive attack prevention, threat remediation and attack mitigation, and reduce the overall risk to your organization.

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Automate Audit and Compliance Reporting

RiskIQ quickly feeds into your compliance reporting efforts by providing a single place where your security and compliance analysts can go to for an accurate and up to date asset inventory, including web, social, and mobile assets not housed on your IP range or infrastructure.

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