Cybersecurity For Government

Protecting Mission Critical Federal, State, and Local Government Against Civilian and DOD Attacks

U.S. Federal and State and local government agencies are constantly targeted by nation state cyber threat actors as well as criminal networks. These malicious threat actors are highly sophisticated and extremely well-funded. Recent attacks such as foreign attacks on the DNC, election manipulation and the 2015 Office of Personnel Management breach (the largest breach in government history) are prime examples of the threat facing the nation.

The government agencies themselves, as well as service providers and general contractors to the federal government and public sector are also under pressure to comply with increasingly stringent NIST regulations. The need to ensure the cyber security and compliance measure are met and up to date has never been greater.

Three Pillars of a Digital Threat Management Program

RiskIQ For Government Agencies


Government agencies are adopting E-Government practices as mandated by the Digital Government Strategy (2013) to move agencies online and make information accessible to the U.S. public. As this effort picks up steam, agencies are serving their citizens via public website, web services, and citizen information portals that are critical digital channels, and hence must be secured. Citizens are dramatically increasing the use of web-based and mobile channels to perform government related activities like pay taxes, apply for and renew government documents, and exchange highly sensitive data with government agencies.

RiskIQ is uniquely equipped to facilitate the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program from the Department of Homeland Security. RiskIQ provides a comprehensive Digital Threat Management platform that allows your audit and security team to discover, monitor, investigate, and mitigate the threats across your web, social, and mobile attack surface.

RiskIQ discovers your entire attack surface – including digital assets on the .gov domains on your own infrastructure as well as cloud assets, social profiles, and mobile apps. By gaining visibility into your attack surface across the internet, you can see your organization the way an attacker sees it, and can get a better picture of where your security gaps may exist.

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External ThreatOur proprietary crawling and scanning data collection techniques gather the most comprehensive internet datasets, and then apply machine learning algorithms to detect internet assets like web domains, parked web pages, malicious phishing websites, and rogue mobile apps trying to compromise employees government agencies for classified and sensitive data.

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RiskIQ PassiveTotalWith RiskIQ PassiveTotal®, you can investigate your own as well as attacker infrastructure to perform proactive attack prevention, threat remediation and attack mitigation, and reduce the overall risk to your organization. PassiveTotal gives you a unique window into the adversary nation states’ infrastructure being used to launch cyber attacks against government targets.

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