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U.S. Federal and State and local government agencies are constantly targeted by nation state cyber threat actors as well as criminal networks. These malicious threat actors are highly sophisticated and extremely well-funded. Recent attacks such as foreign attacks on the DNC, election manipulation and the 2015 Office of Personnel Management breach (the largest breach in government history) are prime examples of the threat facing the nation.

The government agencies themselves, as well as service providers and general contractors to the federal government and public sector are also under pressure to comply with increasingly stringent NIST regulations. The need to ensure the cyber security and compliance measure are met and up to date has never been greater.

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RiskIQ enables entry-level cyber warfighters to produce these same results with just hours of training:

Expanded Investigations
When Senator Claire McCaskill’s staff was spear-phished by Russian actors, RiskIQ data turned one open-source IOC into a trail of breadcrumbs that led to the attacker.

Supply Chain Attacks
RiskIQ showed the compromised third-party supplier that helped breach Ticketmaster and identified the thousands of other affected sites.

Third-party Components
When a component—any framework, CMS, CDN, widget—is announced to be vulnerable, RiskIQ shows the impacted sites within minutes.

RiskIQ alerts security teams as soon as a crypto miner is discovered on their site and shows every other .gov site running it.

Site Relationships
RiskIQ’s crawling data showed which Turkish infrastructure and defense websites were used in an espionage waterhole attack, alerting security teams every time the malicious ttp is used anywhere else on the internet.

Attack Surface Management
Map and monitor your digital presence to understand and mitigate exposures and detect threats from the surface web, deep and dark web, and mobile ecosystem with attack surface management.

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