Critical Infrastructure and ICS/SCADA

Helping Energy and Utilities Secure Their Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure organizations face a unique security paradigm due to the extremely important role they play, and the legacy out of date hardware and software often used to manage and operate energy utility operations. Electrical, water, and transportation providers must ensure that they protect their networks, systems, and devices from cyberattacks because compromised infrastructure could result in mass disruption, emergencies, and loss of life.

Energy and utilities companies are governed by government mandates like NERC and FERC, regulatory requirements designed to protect the cyber security of assets crucial to the operation of the North American power grid.

RiskIQ For Energy and Utilities


To protect your critical infrastructure network you need to understand the full extent of your network, systems, and devices, as well as the threat vectors being employed by nation-states and other malicious parties.

RiskIQ ensures the security of critical infrastructure networks and control systems by continuously scanning the internet for threats, compromise, mobile threats, and social manipulation targeting these systems. RiskIQ provides a comprehensive Attack Surface Management platform that allows your audit and security team to discover, monitor, investigate, and mitigate the threats across your web, social and mobile attack surface.

RiskIQ discovers your entire attack surface – including digital assets on your own infrastructure as well as cloud assets, social profiles, and mobile apps. By gaining visibility into your attack surface across the internet you can see your organization the way an attacker sees it, and can get a better picture of where your security gaps may exist.

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External ThreatOur proprietary crawling and scanning data collection techniques gather the most comprehensive internet datasets, and then apply machine learning algorithms to uncover internet assets like web domains, parked web pages, malicious phishing websites, or rogue mobile apps trying to compromise critical systems across your energy, water, and transport control systems.

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RiskIQ PassiveTotalWith RiskIQ PassiveTotal®, you can investigate your own as well as attacker infrastructure to perform proactive attack prevention, threat remediation and attack mitigation, and reduce the overall risk to your organization.

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Automate Audit And Compliance Reporting


RiskIQ helps your NERC/FERC compliance reporting efforts by providing a single place where you security and compliance analysts can go to for an accurate and up to date asset inventory, including web, social, and mobile assets not housed on your IP range or infrastructure.