RiskIQ for Brand Protection

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Protect your Most Valuable Asset


Your brand is your biggest and most valuable asset. And it’s also your adversary’s biggest attack vector. Threat actors exploit brand trust to defraud your customers, partners, and prospects through phishing, malware, and counterfeit products. Brand protection is a security must-have—when threat actors impersonate brands on the internet and mobile app ecosystem, they damage your brand, consume incident triage resources, and jeopardize customer safety.

RiskIQ for Brand Protection


From discovery of threats through remediation, security teams need a brand solution that enhances their team’s anti-fraud initiatives and protects their customers and reputation across all digital channels. Protecting your brand means preventing:

  • Attacks on your company: Threat actors exploit corporate brands to fool executives and employees into releasing sensitive information or downloading harmful malware that can exfiltrate data and intellectual property.
  • Attacks on your customers: Customers interacting with fraudulent assets associated with your brand and partners can be victims of theft of sensitive data through phishing and malware.
  • Revenue diversion: Online brand infringement diverts revenue away from your products and erodes consumer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty over time, leading to churn. Find unsanctioned use of your brand across all digital channels.

RiskIQ technology and intelligence reveal how employees and customers experience your assets in real time.

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With RiskIQ, you can:

Discover and take down fraudulent and unofficial websites and mobile applications, as well as find legitimate apps in unauthorized stores. Find unsanctioned use of your logo across partner and competitor sites.

Identify unauthorized or fraudulent social media accounts that are impersonating your company, brand, and executives.

Detect phishing attacks at a scale and speed never available before. RiskIQ’s anti-phishing solution integrates with abuse boxes and separates phish from spam, providing faster remediation and better prioritization than any other provider.

Know every domain registered inside and outside your corporate registrar and the associated WHOIS contact.

Lock down unauthorized mail servers serving from branded domains.

Address domain infringement and prevent brand abuse such as counterfeit sites, phishing pages, and scam sites for fake jobs, travel offers, software updates, malware attacks, and spear phishing.

RiskIQ for Domain Threats


As brands increasingly transact business and engage with customers through their website, having an advanced domain infringement detection strategy is critical. Threat actors can register domains using trusted brand names to drive monetizable traffic to other sites, phish for sensitive data, distribute malware, and sell counterfeit goods.

Security teams need comprehensive detection of brand-related domains combined with the intelligent discovery of a brand’s legitimate domain footprint to identify infringing domain names. They also require a wider view than just WHOIS registrations of root domains so that they can go beyond simple domain infringement detection to comprehensive domain threat detection.

RiskIQ detects the unauthorized use of brands within third-party registered domain names and continuously monitors their site content and behavior so organizations can prioritize infringements according to their brand impact and act quickly to protect itself and its customers.

After identifying an infringing domain, RiskIQ’s unique virtual user crawling infrastructure intelligently analyzes the website associated with it and provides the additional context needed to determine how threat actors may be using each domain, and the risk it poses to the associated organization.

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With RiskIQ, you can:


Go beyond root domains to detect subdomain infringement with RiskIQ’s industry leading repository of Passive DNS data.

Detect brand impersonation, traffic diversion, phishing, malware distribution, and other types of abuse occurring on infringing domains.

Monitor evolving threats over time and create granular policy controls around site metadata, behavior, and page content to group and prioritize infringements.

Sort company-owned domains and legitimate web pages from infringement and fraud for more accurate recognition of threats.

Contextualize threats with knowledge of related incidents to gain insight into how criminals are using an infringing domain and how to stop them automatically.