RiskIQ for Mobile

Detect and Eliminate Mobile Threats Around the World

Manage your Mobile Presence and Protect your Brand


The size, complexity, and dynamic nature of the global app store ecosystem make it increasingly difficult for brands to monitor their mobile presence and protect their customers from fraud. Once published, mobile apps can rapidly proliferate from official stores throughout the app store ecosystem, spreading to new stores and web download locations without the developer’s knowledge or consent.

Security teams need a solution that helps them quickly find, analyze, and mitigate any mobile threats that may impact their official, unofficial, and rogue mobile apps, and take corrective action with app stores from inside the platform. By discovering apps across hundreds of mobile app stores and monitoring them for malware or compromise, security personnel can maintain a secure mobile presence as well as the trust of their customers and prospect.

RiskIQ and You:


RiskIQ continuously scans hundreds of mobile app stores and millions of apps to safeguard brand reputation and customers by detecting mobile threats such as; malware, application tampering, and brand impersonation. For each customer, RiskIQ creates a complete inventory of mobile assets that are related to the bank, official and unknown, across the global mobile app ecosystem. This process includes monitoring for new apps, existing apps, app updates, and rogue or fraudulent apps.

With RiskIQ, you can:

Discover mobile apps across all major app stores as well as 150+ unofficial app stores, including focused coverage of high-risk stores and regions for brand impersonation, malware, and fraud.

Access RiskIQ’s “feral app” binaries, or mobile apps collected outside of dedicated mobile app stores—via drive-by download, for example.

Monitor Google Play, Apple iTunes, and 150+ high risk, unofficial app stores around the world to uncover rogue mobile apps.

Go beyond just the title and description, automatically analyzing all app content and code to and discover logos, brand references, and malicious code hidden within app files.

Track app versions and correlate apps across stores for efficient management and enforcement of related incidents.