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Find Your Vulnerabilities Outside the Firewall

Know Your Digital Footprint

Recent cyber attacks and data breaches have highlighted how a single vulnerability in a public-facing asset can lead to the compromise of customer and proprietary information. With more and more businesses going digital, ensuring that systems connected to the internet are secure and running the most current software is critical for enterprise security. But you can’t manage what you don’t know about.

Vulnerability professionals need to maintain a continuously up-to-date inventory of an organization’s physical and digital assets, the software and services that they’re running, and the infrastructure that connects them to each other and the internet. Without the visibility of your digital footprint outside of the firewall, security teams don’t have a complete picture of all of the possible ways into a network. This leads to vulnerable, unprotected systems, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and malware infections that can impact your employees and your customers.

RiskIQ and You:


RiskIQ Enterprise Digital Footprint discovers your attack surface and exploitable attack vectors from the outside-in. This provides a picture of what you look like in the eyes of an attacker performing reconnaissance.

RiskIQ technology scans the entire internet to discover publicly accessible assets that belong to you, as well as digital assets across your customer and partner networks that tie back to your digital identity. These assets may include domains, IP blocks, name servers, and web servers. Once known, the platform can extract and report on the software that powers those assets.

With RiskIQ, you can:


Discover Monitor
digital assets automatically with RiskIQ’s exclusive crawling technology and our extensive database of passive DNS and WHOIS information.

RiskIQ Digital FootprintMaintain visibility into your digital footprint. RiskIQ continuously scans your inventory of assets, providing asset and vulnerability management teams with the assurance that assets are secure, compliant, and running up to date software.

Asset Vulnerability ManagementKnow when there are changes to your existing assets. After identification, RiskIQ continuously scans the internet to discover new assets and alert on changes to identify non-compliance or compromise.