Risk Management

Inventory your digital assets to understand the risks associated with your attack surface.

Knowing Is the Best Defense

To scale with business needs, the digital presences of today’s organizations are growing larger and more complex while moving beyond their traditional security perimeters. By consequence, the ability to monitor and ensure smooth operations across all business units for each channel (web, mobile, and social) has become a tremendous challenge.

Vulnerabilities from conventional, and seemingly benign, processes like those associated with business partnerships, third-party vendors, and mergers and acquisitions can compound this challenge by serving as inroads for threat actors targeting your organization, brand, customers, and employees.

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RiskIQ and You

The RiskIQ platform automatically generates an accurate, dynamic index of an organization’s digital footprint, uncovering new and previously unknown assets (shadow IT) and revealing how employees and customers are experiencing company assets in real time. With RiskIQ’s Enterprise Digital Footprint (EDF) and Custom Monitoring, you can:

  • Continuously monitor company-owned websites for content or code that violates internal policies or government regulations
  • Automatically detect usability issues and gaps in security or compliance in real time
  • Bring shadow IT under management and into compliance with company and industry standards
  • Protect customer trust and loyalty by safeguarding personally identifiable information exchanged with the company through all digital channels
  • Shield the organization from costly oversights and correct problems before they damage company reputation, obstruct business operations, or incur financial penalty

RiskIQ In Action

Without the means to manage the increasing size and complexity of your EDF and highlight areas of concern, your organization incurs major financial, reputational, and legal risks—many of which go completely unnoticed. RiskIQ provides risk management teams with clear, continuous visibility into their EDF, i.e. all the public-facing websites, web pages, mobile applications, and social media profiles associated with their organization, to identify and address security, compliance, and user experience-related risks throughout the enterprise.