Solutions for Threat and Vulnerability Management

Internet-Facing Assets:
The Weaknesses in Your Security Armor

Find, inventory, and monitor your internet-facing assets–including the ones you don’t know about

With the rapid growth of cybercrime and new concerns of data and system manipulation, vulnerability management is more important than ever. At the same time, the task has changed tremendously with organizations typically having more than half of their digital assets outside the corporate firewall.

Now your weakest points may not be addressed by conventional vulnerability tools and audits. Understanding the organization’s true digital footprint is the starting point. Having a fully up-to-date view of your constantly changing digital assets is also essential. Whether vulnerability discovery and assessment is performed in-house or through an third-party service, the challenge is the same.

Can you discover and distinguish between all of the sanctioned, rogue, and phony digital assets associated with your company? Cybercriminals are likely scanning your digital footprint to find the easiest path into your network—can you? Are some digital assets a launching point for credential theft? Are some a source to infect or infiltrate customers, partners, and employees? How are external digital assets configured? What software are they running? How is access managed?

Are You Collecting Personal Data Securely?

Automatically Catalog and Correlate Your Organization’s Digital Assets

Use deep internet intelligence and data to uncover unknown assets, exploits, and threat activity

Shadow IT and rogue departments buying or using their own technology independent from sanctioned IT channels are commonplace in today’s empowered digital organization. These cheap or haphazard assets are acquired without security and IT processes and without regard for necessary controls. So finding these assets is critical, along with inventorying the ones you can point at in a server closet.

Subdomain infringement detection is critical for information security and fraud protection.

Automate the Discovery and Management of your True Digital Footprint

Increase confidence that you’ve got your attack surface covered for compliance and accountability

RiskIQ uses full internet scanning technology and amasses terabytes of online data to discover and inventory the assets that belong to any organization which exist outside the firewall. On average, discovery by RiskIQ will yield 30% more assets than were thought to exist. These assets may include domains, IP blocks, name servers, and web servers. Once known, the RiskIQ platform can extract, filter, and report on the software that powers those assets.

This makes the job of vulnerability analysts and threat defenders far easier, while also increasing confidence that all the present gaps in your security posture are known and addressed.

With RiskIQ, you can:


Discover digital assets automatically with RiskIQ’s exclusive crawling technology and our extensive database of passive DNS and WHOIS information.


Maintain visibility into your dynamic digital footprint. RiskIQ continuously scans your inventory of assets, providing asset and vulnerability management teams with the assurance that assets are secure, compliant, and running up-to-date software.

Security Intelligence Services

Know when there are changes to your existing assets. After identification, RiskIQ continuously scans the internet to discover new assets and alert on changes to identify non-compliance or compromise.

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