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Your brand is your biggest and most valuable asset. And it’s also your adversary’s biggest attack vector. Threat actors exploit brand trust to defraud your customers, partners, and prospects through phishing, malware, and counterfeit products. Brand protection is a security must-have—when threat actors impersonate brands on the internet and mobile app ecosystem, they damage your brand, consume incident triage resources, and jeopardize customer safety.

RiskIQ provides the brand defense necessary through a platform that enables comprehensive management. From discovery of threats through remediation, RiskIQ’s brand solution enhances your team’s anti-fraud initiatives, protecting your customers and reputation across all digital channels.

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Brand Protection

The RiskIQ External Threat Management platform provides brand security through a process of identifying what belongs to an organization and detecting threats against it. The process begins with Enterprise Digital Footprint, which uses data collected by RiskIQ across the entire internet to pinpoint external assets that belong to an organization. These include websites, cloud services, web apps, advertising, and more.

Once this footprint is established, the RiskIQ External Threat Detection suite can monitor the internet for threats against your brand through the web, email, mobile apps, and social media. RiskIQ technology and intelligence reveal how employees and customers experience your assets in real time.

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With RiskIQ, you can:

  • Discover and take down fraudulent and unofficial websites and mobile applications; find legitimate apps in unauthorized stores and unsanctioned use of your logo.
  • Identify unauthorized or fraudulent social media accounts impersonating your company, brand, and executives.
  • Detect phishing attacks at unprecedented scale and speed. RiskIQ’s anti-phishing solution integrates with abuse boxes, separates phish from spam, and provides faster remediation and better prioritization than others.
  • Know every domain registered inside and outside your corporate registrar and the associated WHOIS contact.
  • Lock down unauthorized mail servers serving from branded domains.
  • Address domain infringement and prevent brand abuse such as counterfeit sites, phishing pages, and scam sites for fake jobs, travel offers, software updates, malware attacks, and spear phishing.
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