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Detect and Thwart Digital Threats Outside the Firewall

Take control of your dynamic digital footprint and the broadened attack surface it creates across web, mobile, and social channels

As a CISO, you know that your organization’s digital business initiatives are essential but they also create new avenues for attacks. Somehow you must reconcile empowering digital business while mitigating the risk and meeting the new challenges.

Much is at stake, as data breaches continue to inflict greater damage and attackers go after financial resources and company secrets. Will a new digital asset become an entry point for cybercriminals or activists? If you are ill-prepared, you are not alone. A recent study of CISOs cited in CIO noted that only 19% felt confident in their ability to prevent a security incident. Despite spending more money on security than even, according to CIO, “the overwhelming majority of CISOs are concerned about keeping up with the rising threats as their organizations roll out digital strategies.”

Now, more digital assets may exist outside your firewall than within. According to our data, even the top 35 banks–known to be some of the most conservative organizations–have more than 60% of their assets outside the firewall. For other types of companies the proportion is even higher.

The old rules of security no longer apply. Open access for enhanced business engagement creates new opportunities for threat actors. At the same time, in a public press release, Gartner identified Detection and Response as the top priority for security in 2017. Clearly detection needs some drastic changes to deal with new realities.

Most organizations lack the means to monitor and assess their complete external attack surface. They cannot keep up with the dynamic nature of these assets and can’t track assets no longer used but still left in place.

How can you see your true digital footprint–across the web, social channels and mobile apps? Can you tell when a change occurs and what impact it could bring? Are threat actors using your brand against you? Have they hijacked your digital business? Have they gained a new path into your organization? Are attackers already at work stealing data, company secrets and monetary assets or sabotaging strategic resources? Have your executives been compromised through fake assets?

Besides sanctioned assets, you must be cognizant of rogue and fake properties that could case damage to your organization, ranging from hijacking customers or vital data to infecting them with malware. In October 2016, for example, cybercriminals spoofed every major bank in the UK through the creation of phony customer service accounts. Forrester Research has estimated that fraudulent digital assets has impacted revenue from customers by upwards of a third. Another study showed that over half of brand impersonation victims said they would stop interacting with the associated brand because of the scam.
Digital Footprint

An example of a RiskIQ Digital Footprint.


Monitor and Protect Digital Assets Outside the Firewall

Proactively address issues and threats while embracing the risk of digital business initiatives

RiskIQ gives your team an accurate, up-to-the-minute understanding of your company’s digital footprint—all the known, unknown, and rogue and phony digital assets across web, social, and mobile channels. We arm them with the tools and intelligence needed to detect, mitigate, and investigate the threats leveled against this dynamic footprint.

By monitoring and understanding newly placed digital assets or changes to existing ones, you can thwart a threat before it becomes operationalized. RiskIQ also provides visibility into attack components, infrastructure and the interactions between them to readily identify a threat never seen before.

Typically, digital assets exist in siloed environments controlled by various departmental groups within your company. Many come from entrepreneurial individuals apart from any departmental program. But given the dynamic nature of the your attack surface and web presence, you need access to a complete an accurate inventory of your internet-facing assets as well as the capability to monitor and protect your attack surface from digital threats.

RiskIQ provides comprehensive coverage across web, mobile, and social channels, constantly monitoring the digital presence of any organization all from a single, integrated platform.

We provide this intelligence to your security teams through our products, Digital Footprint™, External Threats™, and PassiveTotal® and also through APIs that enable enrichment of existing security tools and systems within your organization with our Security Intelligence Services.

RiskIQ utilizes powerful data collection techniques, including a vast worldwide proxy and sensor network that constantly scans the entire internet. The unique system incorporates virtual users that mimic the web usage of real users to gain real user experience of web threats. Having near real-time knowledge of the entire web enables RiskIQ to extend complete digital threat intelligence to each customer’s existing security and risk-management investments.

Your internet-facing assets are made to be accessible to enable business and easily connect with your employees, partners, and customers regardless of location. This means, though, that attackers can use these same assets as an easy, unprotected route into your business and network if they’re not properly managed, inventoried, and monitored for compromise or vulnerability.

RiskIQ collects and analyzes data about everything that happens on the internet. We continually scan the internet and engage with new content and applications. This includes web pages and their content, social media profiles and posts, mobile applications and app stores, infrastructure elements like DNS, WHOIS, and host pair relationships. We then correlate all of this data together to present a complete picture of how you look on the internet to an attacker. We also provide you with the understanding of how attackers may be using your digital assets and your brand against you.

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Comprehensive Visibility Outside the Firewall

Manage your Digital Footprint and detect and mitigate threats to your organization

RiskIQ technology detects and disarms attackers’ evasion and attack techniques by appearing as a real user does, collecting user session data to detect phishing, the operation of fraudulent apps and malicious content, domain infringement, malware, and more—all at scale. RiskIQ focuses this vast amount of data into actionable, event-based threat alerts and workflows. We also provide you with risk dashboards so you can show your organization what’s working and what’s not.

With RiskIQ, CISOs can rest assured that their security teams have complete control of its digital assets. Your team can proactively hunt, detect, understand, monitor, and mitigate threats originating outside their firewall.

With RiskIQ, you are able to:

  • Close the gap presented by external digital assets that extend your attack surface and serve as in-roads for attackers to penetrate your organization
  • Ensure and operationalize a comprehensive external threat program that covers all web and social channels and use of ungoverned mobile apps
  • Provide closed-loop reporting
  • Create Risk Scorecards for upper management
  • Gain visibility into previously unknown assets
  • Improve visibility for third-party risk
  • Improve risk guidance for the enterprise
  • Know your attackers and their tactics they’re using against you
  • Proactively budget and allocate resources due to attack infrastructure trends specific to threats facing your analysts

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