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Detect and Thwart Digital Threats Outside the Firewall

Monitor and Protect Digital Assets Outside the Firewall

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Comprehensive Visibility Outside the Firewall

Manage your Digital Footprint and detect and mitigate threats to your organization

RiskIQ technology detects and disarms attackers’ evasion and attack techniques by appearing as a real user does, collecting user session data to detect phishing, the operation of fraudulent apps and malicious content, domain infringement, malware, and more—all at scale. RiskIQ focuses this vast amount of data into actionable, event-based threat alerts and workflows. We also provide you with risk dashboards so you can show your organization what’s working and what’s not.

With RiskIQ, CISOs can rest assured that their security teams have complete control of its digital assets. Your team can proactively hunt, detect, understand, monitor, and mitigate threats originating outside their firewall.

With RiskIQ, you are able to:

  • Close the gap presented by external digital assets that extend your attack surface and serve as in-roads for attackers to penetrate your organization
  • Ensure and operationalize a comprehensive external threat program that covers all web and social channels and use of ungoverned mobile apps
  • Provide closed-loop reporting
  • Create Risk Scorecards for upper management
  • Gain visibility into previously unknown assets
  • Improve visibility for third-party risk
  • Improve risk guidance for the enterprise
  • Know your attackers and their tactics they’re using against you
  • Proactively budget and allocate resources due to attack infrastructure trends specific to threats facing your analysts

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